About The Charcuterie Queen

My name is Corrina Cafarelli, and I am The Charcuterie Queen! I am the founder, owner and curator of this Long Island based small business. In June 2020, I turned my beloved hobby of creating cheese and charcuterie boards into a side gig – the rest is history!

I never thought that my love for making cheese and charcuterie boards would lead to a full-fledged business. My charcuterie story began when I studied abroad in Europe; this was when I was first introduced to the cured meats and fine cheese game. Fascinated by all of the sensational flavors and my newly inspired palate, I began incorporating my love for charcuterie into my life. 

Here at The Charcuterie Queen, we use high quality artisanal ingredients. We put our heart and soul into each and every order. Every item you see on each board has been hand selected and intentionally placed. No matter how big or small, every detail matters so that beautiful memories can be made with your loved ones. We always aim to please and we aim high!